Is this thing on?


My name is Tamara B.

I am starting a blog with the idea that maybe you want to read it. BUT, as you see, the title of this blog has been carefully engineered so as to not raise your hopes too much. I make you a solemn promise today though. You will not hate this blog… entirely. You might not care for it much. You might find a post or two a little dull. But after reading this blog, you will not want to dig your eyes out with a spoon. Especially not a rusty one. You will not scour the globe looking for a time genie, hoping against hope that you can wish for the minutes you spent reading this blog to be returned to you (though if you did, you may want to include the years spent looking for the genie in your wish, just a thought).

Hopefully, you will be mildly amused? Maybe return? I don’t want to set expectations too high.

I’ve done this thing before. Not a blog virgin as it were. So, I present to you

A Short History of Blogging

In 2008, I’m in college. fresh faced and full of hope.  I’m a creative writing student, so I am not quite sure where all this optimism came from.  How did I not realized that upon graduation I was going to move back home, get a job in a call center and not write any stories or poems or really anything readable for years?

Oh wait, I did realize that. I had a plan. I would BLOG. Of course, that is how all writers get their start. They ramble, and then people read it, and then they become super famous and get book deals. So I wrote a blog called Blatant Exposition, wherein I was totally honest about the fact that I wanted to be famous (I still kinda do) and that blog was how I was going to do it.

I think most of my Facebook friends read it.

That blog went on for a good while. It did nothing for my spectacular internet career, but it was fun to write. Also, it gave me something to write when writing the novel I should have been working on proved too terrifying (every time I even thought about the thing. I mean how do you write a Novel?)

Then in 2010 I did something spectacular.  I broke up with a giant jerk. Sounds hard right. Sounds interesting? Well, apparently not. Because after I did this amazing herculean feat, all I wanted to do was talk about it. About how much it hurt, and how much better off I was, and I REALLY liked to talk about what a JERK the guy was.

My friends on the other hand, got bored of the discussion. They never said so. They were super supportive and all. But eventually, I emerged from my post relationship obsession enough to notice the glazed over expression that they got every time I opened my mouth.

So I did what any girl of this decade would do. I started a blog. Single Girls Guide to Life, it was called. And I whined on it and I bitched and I made self affirming lists about my life.

I learned something too, when I compared that blog to my old one. People like drama. It is entertaining. I got as many hits on that blog in the 3 months it was active as I did in the years my other one was. Weird.
But then I got over the breakup. And then I got bored of talking about it. Then I got together with my current boyfriend and it seemed wrong somehow to talk about how perfect he is for me and how happy I am in a relationship on a blog called Single Girls Guide. So that was that.

So why now? Why another blog you may ask. If you are the sort to ask blogs things, out loud and in the middle of a crowded room preferably.

Good question. I’ve been burned by blogs before. It doesn’t necessarily make sense, and I am unlikely to become famous, let alone rich.

Because, that’s why.


About inkrose86

Look to your left. You see that girl there, the mildly attractive one that is doing something vaguely embarrassing like spilling coffee on herself or picking a pimple. Ya, that's me.
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