So, I have been working on the book fairly consistently, I’m at 10000 words, which is 4000 words more than the last time we spoke.

4000 words. It’s not bad, but it’s not great.  It’s not a pace that will get me there on time.  But it does represent something good.  I have been working on the book in some way, writing, reading, thinking about, being haunted by, the book almost every day.  It has become an actual real part of my life.  And that’s what I have been missing.

Right now, I work as an admin assistant at an academic department. It isn’t bad work, and I can feel good about helping students navigate their way through their education. It’s a good job that pays the bills.  But it isn’t my dream job.  So I have to do something more, I have to work on a book, all the time. It can’t be a hobby. It’s what I want to do with my life, so I better damn well do it.

Only 80,000 words left to go.


About inkrose86

Look to your left. You see that girl there, the mildly attractive one that is doing something vaguely embarrassing like spilling coffee on herself or picking a pimple. Ya, that's me.
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